Why do you need to grow?

Define the Price of Growth

I spent today in Pennsylvania with New Castle Lawn and Landscape and I was asked the question, “Why do I have to grow?”  People normally discover that even though they say they want to grow, they don’t understand the price they have to pay to grow.  There is no growth without change and there is no change without pain.  This is why people usually grow only to their pain tolerance.  Many times I’m called in to assess personal capacity and one of the main questions I ask myself is, “How much pain is this person able to endure?”  Not a fun question, a valuable one to ask ourselves.

The critical reason is summed up in the phrase I call OUT-IN-OUT

Step 1:  OUT

To change something you first have to see it.  This is where you look outside of yourself you you notice what needs to change.  Awareness is the first step in improving anything

Step 2: IN

You’ve got to go inside of yourself and process your thoughts, feelings and ideas and actually make choices about what can be done.  This is where you’ve got to develop your personal capacity.  Here it’s helpful to ask yourself some key questions such as:  What is the next step?  What needs to be done?  If I don’t know the answer, who has that answer?

Step 3: OUT

Finally you act out of your decision to make the change or fix the problem.  Action requires energy and at the end of the day, it’s action that separates winners from losers.

What are some practical areas you can apply this principle today?

Are you stuck in frustration?

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