Why You Need To Develop The Right Habits

habitsSuccessful People Have Successful Habits

In my quest to understand why winners win, one key idea emerges:  Successful people have successful habits.  Some people think they need more discipline, but success is not a marathon of discipline but a series of sprints of habits.  Utilizing the power of discipline until it creates a habit is the formula.

Use Discipline To Create Habits

My first step in developing a healthy lifestyle started a few years ago when I started jogging.  At first I didn’t like it.  But I stuck with it and used the power of discipline to create a habit.  Creating this habit took over two years, but now, everyday I wake up wanting to run!  For someone that was never an athlete, this is crazy!  Different studies give different time frames for developing a habit.  Whatever the number is, use focused discipline to create the habit.

You don’t decide you future, you decide your habits, and your habits determine your future

Habit Is The Child Of Discipline

Habit is a gift!  It’s God’s way of helping you succeed.  It means that anything you do twice becomes easier.  You don’t have to run a marathon of discipline, forcing yourself forever to do something you don’t enjoy.  Habit is the child of discipline.  That action might be hard in the beginning but in time it akes less energy and effort to maintain the behavior.

Habits Create What You Love

Winners become winners by maintaining a discipline until it becomes a habit.  The formula of doing something you hate in order to create something you love is what separates winners from losers.  You don’t decide your future you decide your habits and those habits determine your future.

What is one new habit you need to create? 

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