Why You Need to Stay of The Drama Triangle

no.drama.allowedLiving Drama-Free

I think the greatest cost of entering into The Drama Triangle is the lack of productivity you encounter.  I know this is true with me!  Last week, I decided to enter the triangle (notice I said decided). I was feeling sorry for myself and decided to play the role of victim.  Have you ever been there?

Becoming Victim Free

When you’re a victim, you’re powerless.  I know when I enter the victim zone I can’t even make a decision.  I don’t move forward.  I think the drama triangle works on people just like the dreaded Bermuda Triangle works on airplanes.  Just as airplanes are known to fly into the Bermuda Triangle and never appear again, some people enter The Drama Triangle never to appear again!  Don’t let this be you!

Phone a Friend

Just as in that famous game show, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, they give you an opportunity to phone a friend when you don’t know the answer.  That’s exactly what I did this week.  I phoned my friend Phil Strong, who is a great coach and trainer but most importantly, he’s a friend.  I was able to be authentic and transparent which gave him the freedom to speak truth into my life.  Many times it’s simply a change of perspective that you need to eject from the drama.  When you’re emotionally connected to the outcome your vision is usually cloudy.  That’s why we need people in our lives that can help us gain clarity

Clarity is Power

Amazingly it was only about 30 minutes after my conversation with Phil that I felt a renewed sense of empowerment.  Because I was able to see different I automatically felt different!  This is Why Focus is Important.  Emotion many times determines Motion, so when you can get the right focus, you can move forward.

What’s the 1 thing you need to do to stay out of drama?

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