Using Nozbe to Increase Your Productivity

I just discovered a new app called Nozbe and I’ve finally gotten to the point of “mind like water”.  If you’ve ever been there, you know how freeing it can be!  Here is one simple idea that I’m using to free my mind:

Capture Every Idea and “To-do” into a Trusted System

Here is how I do it:

As I go through my day, I capture every idea into my Nozbe IPhone inbox.  This is a secure place where I know I won’t lose my ideas.  At the end of each day I simply organize these items either by due date, someday and/or within a project.  The beauty of Nozbe is that it will sync with Google Calendar, Evernote and Dropbox.

The next morningI open up my Google Calendar to begin my day and all my “to-do’s” are organized by dates.  Best of all… my creativity has gone through the roof.  In today’s knowledge world, creativity is what separates good from great!

Using your Brain for Creativity

For your creativity to skyrocket, you’ve got to have a process for freeing your mind.  I believe the best use of your brain is for creativity.  It’s not designed best for memory though it’s all some people use it for.  Your mind is an incredible tool so begin to unleash it’s capability by not always pulling on it for memory but also make a demand on your creativity.

What’s your process?

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