Dennis McIntee

Dennis McIntee

…aka The Drama Free Guy is passionate about helping leaders develop their coaching skills. When a leader improves, his organization improves. He keynotes frequently at leadership seminars as well as appearing in magazines, newspapers, trade journals, and on national radio and TV. He is the author of The Power of Pursuit, People Smart and Time Mastery.


About Dennis McIntee

dennis-thumbDennis McIntee (aka That Drama Free Guy) travels extensively working with leaders to uncover constraints and build roadmaps for growth to increase their bottom-line performance. As expert in creating drama-free teams, he assists leaders in leveraging their time and resources more effectively through strategic planning.

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Creating Drama Free Teams

book-iconThe 8 Qualities Of Drama Free Teams will give you the tools you need to accomplish more in less time. This practical handbook shows you 8 different leadership strategies you can use today to see immediate changes in your organization.

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Event Coordinator Promise

Every audience and event coordinator can count on a dynamic experience. Dennis is committed to delivering specific, actionable ideas to impact today’s progressive leadership conferences, health care organizations, or sales meetings.

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From the Blog

Four Ways to Control the Need to Be Liked

One of a leader’s biggest pitfalls is succumbing to the need to be liked. If you are so focused on approval from others, you will never be able to make decisions that are best for your team. There are two elements that affect this need to be liked: recognizing your...

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How to Remote Work and Maintain Your Culture

Nearly two years ago, we were all scrambling to identify what a remote work environment could look like for the first time. Home office supplies flew off the shelves. Business casual attire was replaced by sweat pants and ‘top half only’ looks. Zoom and Peloton stock...

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Achieving Drama Free Productivity

One of our favorite topics to train on in our workshops or Leadership Roundtable sessions is Drama Free Productivity. Productivity typically has a negative connotation because we associate it with the stress and pressures of getting more and more and more done....

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The Best Leaders Tell Themselves the Best Stories

For the 50th episode of our Drama Free Living podcast, we returned to a topic we frequently cover when it comes to all things leadership. And that is the topic of the power of the stories we tell ourselves. When we last wrote on the subject on the blog, we talked...

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