Jalpa Patel-Kar, PharmD

I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for taking the time to be a part of our WoWBA Centralized Services Chapter Learning Journey session and presenting on Strategic Thinking today! With your help, we were able to help educate and impact over 350+team members today. I am 100% confident that the recording from today will […]

Tracy Park

When I come to these conferences, I go back at the end of the day to my hotel room and think, “Was it worth it?”. I travel 5 hours from the very most eastern and southern county in the state of Idaho to come and I always am concerned that I am using my time […]

Celisia Street

Dennis McIntee is a gem! Incredibly knowledgeable and engaging speaker who nimbly adapts to his audience. The entire team at the Leadership Development Group embodies the lessons shared through their trainings and it’s truly a pleasure to work with them (as I have for multiple events).

Amy Woody

We all enjoyed Steve very much. I heard many comments that we would love to have him speak again!!

Liz White

Dennis is always a pro, he facilitated our virtual training well and was great about getting audience participation. That isn’t always easy in a virtual formal. I recommend Dennis for anyone looking for looking to improve their leadership skills and improve their workplace culture.

Megan Anderson

I was able to put my emotional intelligence to work. I had the opportunity to get to know myself better by exploring my working style. I am constantly referring to my personal assessment tools that were completed in class to understand myself and members of my team. This training has given me a chance to […]

Donna Kutinsky

Dennis McIntee’s latest book is about building Drama Free teams; But it is SO MUCH MORE! He brilliantly brings knowledge, tools and practical application that you WILL use in your very next inter-active scenario. Whether dealing with an employee, your senior leader, family, spouse or friend; Dennis’ writings are so clear and so relevant, that […]

Jonathan Milligan

After spending a decade as an Executive Recruiter, I can tell you first hand that the culture you create determines the success and failure of your business. What Dennis has put together in this book can change your company, change your culture, and change your results. Period. Most managers, supervisors, and owners often only place […]

Paul Hasler

Dennis did a great job ‘breaking the ice’ with our facilities staff (an often tough audience). One of the first things Dennis did was an exercise that required the team to talk to each other and work together. From that point forward he had their attention and interest. The content was perfect. Dennis focused on […]

Paul Levering

Dennis is an engaging speaker and he knows what he’s talking about! As Learning Chair for EO Raleigh-Durham, I asked Dennis to come speak to our chapter members about how to nurture high functioning teams in their businesses. Every attendee walked away with valuable insights and action items. I continue to share Dennis’ insights with […]

Judd Palmer

This course has empowered me to see myself as the powerful leader I am and want to become. I now see how asking my 2 1/2 year old son the powerful questions I learned in this study and adjusting them for him. they are “do you want to do this or do you want to […]


A small group of leaders are reading your Drama Free Teams book… We have loved reading and applying your concepts weekly. It has proven to build trust and respect as well as lots of laughs.

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Are you stuck in frustration? Wasting time reacting to others instead of focusing on what matters most?

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