The Power of Thankfulness

thankfulWhatever You’re Thankful For Increases

This is an amazing principle that I’ve harnessed and a golden key to my development.  I’ve realized that anyone can see the bad, but it takes intentionality to see the good in situations.  The act of being thankful helps cultivate the skill of seeing the good.  Ask yourself; in most situations what do you see?  You might want to obtain feedback in order to assess yourself accurately.  Ask those around you, “Do I tend to be more positive or negative?”

Regardless of which type of person you are presently, you can utilize the power of thankfulness in your life.  Utilizing thankfulness helps cultivate a positive perspective and allows you to stay creative and solve problems.  This is why thankfulness is vital to your success!  Don’t take the copout that you’re naturally a critical thinker, you have the power to become someone different.  This is why the power to become is the greatest power. You can become a thankful person!

For me to develop this skill I needed reminders.  When something is not instinctive it takes intentionality to change.  This is where using Nozbe helps me in harnessing thankfulness.  Here’s how I do it!

1.  Every morning I ask myself, “Who can I be a blessing to today?”

I think you make a living by what you earn but you make a life by what you give.  There is incredibly joy in giving encouragement and affirmation.  Although it does bless others when I give encouragement, I think I get more joy than the person receiving encouragement.  You always reap more than you sow!

2.  After I get the person in my mind, I ask myself, “What do I like about this person? Or what do I admire about them?”

Everyone has gold inside of them.  Be a Personal Gold Finder and create a mindset of discovering what’s great about the people around you.  To change your thinking, you need a new question and learning to ask yourself, “What’s great about this person” is a key skill in changing your mindset.

3.  I set a re-occurring task in Nozbe every weekday to write a thank you note.

Since being thankful is not something that comes naturally to me I need an intentional reminder to help cultivate the skill.   When developing a new skill you must develop a process.  The power of change is in your personal plan, so schedule a day and time to execute this idea.  Usually people never change until they schedule the behavior!

Whatever you learn to celebrate in your life, remains and increases.  But if you neglect those around you, they will eventually leave you.  The richness in my life has come from my relationships.  I remember what I heard Charlie Tremendous Jones say, “You’ll be the same last year as you are this year except for the people you meet and the books you read”.  Harnessing the skill of thankfulness not only opens new opportunities but it enriches your life.   It helps me focus on increasing the quality of my life instead of being consumed by increasing the standard.  If you focus on quality, your standard will increase!

How can you harness the skill of thankfulness?

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