Why Grow And Develop Yourself?

GROWCreating Culture Is A Leader’s Responsibility

Great leaders strive to create a culture that allows everyone to play at the top of their game.  When team members show up everyday, giving their very best, everyone succeeds.  Developing a high-performance, high-trust environment is really a leader’s main job.  Without it, people will give you their hands but they’ll never give you their hearts.

Your Culture is a Reflection Of You

I can tell alot about a leader by simply walking the halls of their organization and talking with their team.  You teach what you know, but produce who you are.  If you ever meet one of my kids, it will give you a glimpse into Lisa and me. We are producing who we are.  At my latest workshop in Austin, TX, my oldest son, Andrew, was in attendance. After the event, everyone wanted to speak with him.  I think they wanted to find out if I really believed some of the things I taught.  Just as my kids are an extension of me, your team becomes an extension of you.

Your Organization Grows When You Grow

An organization never grows without the leader growing.  For your organization to accomplish more, your team’s capacity must increase.  First grow yourself, grow your team, and your business will begin to thrive.  A growing company demands growing leadership.

3 Abilities A Leader Needs To Grow

1.  The ability to treat others with truth

Telling everyone the truth, whether the news is good or bad, helps team members feel informed, instead of being left in the dark or deceived.  The one thing people will not stand for is phoniness.  Keeping the truth from people only breeds mistrust, but sharing with others creates supporters, not just bystanders.

2.  The ability to extend trust

When people feel trusted, they will do anything for the team.  On the other hand, if you put conditions around trust, the reverse happens.  People feel micromanaged and it undermines team work.  Leading with trust means you have to give trust first.  This is practicing the Give-Get Principle.  You only get what you are first willing to give.

3.  The ability to coach your team

This is more than just training skills. Coaching involves teaching, advising and befriending.  It’s based more on relationship than the role because it’s difficult to help someone you don’t like. Great leaders understand their success depends on the success of the entire team.  Being an exceptional coach also means being coached. This is why I need coaching!

What Abilities Do You Need To Grow?

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