The Seven Freedoms

Goal setting takes many shapes and forms, but when it comes to our family, we envision our future according to what we call the Seven F’s of Freedom.

Becoming is more important than performing

Coming off a holiday break and time with family, I couldn’t help but recognize the creativity and rejuvenation that took place in my mind and soul. We are constantly preaching the importance of white space and setting time for play, but in today’s Mojo, I really want to stress one key element of my time away.

The Biggest Opportunities are Found in the Smallest Things

As we are getting our feet wet in 2023 and figuring out just what these twelve months might hold, we were reminded by some of our Leadership Roundtable participants of four key things you can start doing now to transform your year.

Four Tactics for Setting Attainable Goals this Year

The weeks in January and early February are crucial for many industries when it comes to planning out the year. At Leadership Development Group, we are no different with our annual strategy planning session taking place next week.  If you read our blog regularly, you know we advocate against strict resolutions at the turn of […]

Are you stuck in frustration?

Are you stuck in frustration? Wasting time reacting to others instead of focusing on what matters most?

The Trigger Identifier™ is a six step proven process to help you become less reactive and more strategic. Because every problem has an emotion attached to it, you can get stuck in an endless cycle of stress and drama. But when you understand your triggers, you’ll harness the power of your emotions faster and easier.